Feb 29 12

Using Property Setters and Getters with Ext JS

by Shea Frederick
Every once and a while I come across a bug where I need to go above and beyond the normal debugging norm to solve my problem. My Bug I had a boolean property on my column model that was getting set to the opposite of what I had initially set it to. Somewhere between the initial setting and it's reading back for column creation it was getting flipped from false to true. This is not a terribly u Read More...
Jul 19 11

Accelerometer Based UI Interaction & Sencha Touch

by Shea Frederick
With the iOS 4.2 update at the end of 2010 came some cool new features for mobile web developers. My favorite of the new features was access to the devices accelerometer/gyroscope data through an event called 'devicemotion' which we can listen to on the window object. This new event fires every time the device moves, which is pretty much non-stop - 50 times a second - even when the device is sitti Read More...
Jan 10 11

List Pull Refresh Plugin for Sencha Touch

by Shea Frederick
One thing that you find out quickly when developing for mobile, is that mobile devices require us to be much more creative with our usage of UI features. It's not all about adding another button here, or a form field there - that takes up too much space - it's about harnessing simple and natural gestures to perform the functionality we need. Be Gone Refresh Button! A simple thing we can do to ge Read More...
Dec 16 10

Custom Styling a Sencha Touch App

by Shea Frederick
We all want our mobile app to look distinct, and with Sencha Touch it's quite easy to do. There are many additional reasons however to generate our own CSS, which is what we will take a look at here. One of the biggest reasons is actually to save file size, improving the time it takes to display our mobile app to the user. As it is, Sencha Touch comes with a very inclusive CSS file which has all o Read More...
Oct 13 10

Learning Ext JS 3.0 Released

by Shea Frederick
You might have noticed a recent lack of updates to my blog over the past few months, which is directly related to how much I'm writing elsewhere. So I'm happy to announce that I now have more time to write on my blog...I mean, my Learning Ext JS 3.x book has been completed! This book marks the 2nd book for me, and the 2nd book in the Learning Ext JS series by Packt Publishing. With every page upd Read More...
Jul 29 10

Each Second Counts, or Not

by Shea Frederick
Every once and a while I glance upon a chunk of code that just screams at me to be optimized. From that point on, all I can do is think about how much faster it would be if I just did this or that. Today I had one of those moments when looking at a co-workers code - I noticed that they had scoped an each loop that did not use scope (context). This got me wondering if there were any optimizations w Read More...
Jun 21 10

Patterns – Using Ext JS Override

by Shea Frederick
If you have ever posted a bug report about an Ext JS component then you have likely heard about Override's. These Overrides are a way for us to change the way the base library works, usually because of a defect, but sometimes just because we don't like or agree with the way something works. Here we are going to cover how to write a basic Override that 'fixes' or adds a feature to something in the Read More...
Mar 11 10

Patterns – Using Ext JS Sequence and Intercept

by Shea Frederick
I'm going to run through the usage of a little unknown feature of Ext JS called Sequence and Intercept. These are a pair of related methods built into Ext JS that we can use to add functionality or add fixes to the library without having to override or create a new component. Why is this important? We will take a look at our options to get an idea of the restrictions imposed by each of them, but f Read More...
Feb 3 10

What’s the Word – Meetup Videos and More

by Shea Frederick
Every once and a while I like to post a summary of what Ive been up to lately. The past few months have been busy, so I have a ton to talk about, but I will try to summarize. DC Meetup Videos We held the first in a series of meetups that will happen in the DC/NoVA area last week, a sprout of our Baltimore area Meetup for our southern friends, and I have to say that it was a huge hit. The meetups Read More...
Jan 12 10

JSON Decoding Speed Comparison

by Shea Frederick
Meet Karl - Karl is a very cute wind up Inchworm that my wife put in my stocking for x-mas. What does Karl have to do with JSON? Probably nothing, but he is very photogenic, and I like having a picture in my blog posts. Now that our new buddy Karl has been properly introduced, lets move on to the boring stuff. I have been trying to optimize decoding of a large chunk of JSON data by testing decodi Read More...