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newyorkShea Frederick began his career in web development before the term ‘Web Application’ was commonplace. By the late 1990s, he was developing web applications for Tower Records that combined the call center interface with inventory and fulfillment. Since then, Shea has worked as a developer for several companies – building and implementing various commerce solutions, content management systems, and lead tracking programs.

coffeeIntegrating new technologies to make a better application has been a driving point for Shea’s work. He strives to use open source libraries as they are often the launching pad for the most creative technological advances. After stumbling upon a young user interface library called yui-ext several years ago, Shea contributed to its growth by writing documentation, tutorials, and example code. He has remained an active community member for the modern yui-ext library – ExtJS. Kelly Benefit StrategiesShea’s expertise is drawn from community forum participation, work with the core development team, and his own experience as the architect of several large ExtJS-based web applications. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his amazing dog Allie and spends time skiing, biking, and watching the Steelers.

Shea is the primary author of Learning ExtJS, a book to help ease beginners into the ExtJS library and is a Core Developer on the ExtJS project along with writing the “Hello World” column for JSMag.



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When I’m Not Coding

There are only three things I do when I’m not coding…Ski, Bike and root for the Steelers. Not always in that order. A perfectly frothy cup of coffee isn’t bad either. While I’m off topic, a good dirty wheat beer is a great way to keep me happy. From left to right – Skiing in Jackson Hole, Maryland State Championships (I won), Bengals @ Steelers game (Steelers won), A Cuppa Coffee on my Desk (I won).