ExtJS Training

I offer training on Ext JS, JavaScript and CSS used in large web application development. The training sessions generally run three days, moving from a basic through intermediate level or intermediate through advanced level depending on your needs. Developers of all backgrounds can participate in training, from designers to programmers.


Mid-atlantic (Baltimore, DC area) – On site training for groups of 3 or more in this area can be scheduled within 30 days, and do not incur travel costs.

Everywhere Else/Your Office – On site training for groups of 5 or more should scheduled outside of 30 days, and travel costs will be passed directly to client.

Course Coverage

The training is split into three general stages of development:

  • Base HTML/CSS/JavaScript as it relates to web application development. (1 day)
  • Core concepts of Ext JS development, component configuration and interaction along with application code layout. (2 days)
  • Advanced interaction topics (customer driven) such as drag and drop and creating custom components. (1 day or more)

Base – $700 per developer – 1 day

The base JavaScript and CSS course provides developers that are familiar with standard web development techniques the concepts to help understand how web application development with Ext JS works. The shift of thinking from a typical web site to a more dynamic Ext JS web site requires a deeper understanding of how JavaScript and CSS work for us. This course requires one full day.

  • Common Tools
    • Development Environments
    • Usage of Debugging Tools
  • The Document
    • How the DOM works
    • Doc types
    • File Includes
    • Paths
    • Navigating the DOM
    • Events
  • Styling
    • CSS Concepts
    • Selectors
    • Specificity
    • Paths
    • Pseudo Classes
    • CSS Scope
    • Positioning
    • Sprites
  • JavaScript Scope
    • Reference Values
    • Variable Scope
    • Function Scope
    • Global Object
    • Setting Scope
    • No Block Scope
  • JavaScript Basics
    • Case
    • Proper Syntax
    • Comments
    • Reserved Words
    • Data Types
    • Operators
    • Objects
    • Arrays
    • Special Data Types
    • Conversions
  • JavaScript Expressions
    • Comparisons
    • Logical Operators
    • Function Calling
    • If, Else and ElseIf
    • For Loops
    • In Loops
    • Switch
    • Error Catching
  • JavaScript Functions
    • Basic Functions
    • Arguments
    • Classes
    • Singletons
    • Anonymous Functions
    • Using Functions

Core – $1400 per developer – 2 days

The core introduction to Ext JS will provide a developer familiar with basic JavaScript and CSS with the skills needed to successfully create Ext JS applications. Starting with the setup of the Ext JS library, the developer will then learn how to configure Ext JS components and get the components interacting with each other. Designing an application using Ext JS layouts will be covered, along with typical customizations for many of the Ext JS components. This course requires two full days.

  • Introductory
    • Page/Library Setup
    • Basic usage
    • Elements
    • DOM Altering
    • Templates
  • Drag & Drop
    • With Elements
    • With Components
    • Grid to Form
    • Tree Reordering
    • Grid Reordering
  • Component Model
    • Manager
    • Creation
    • Rendering
    • Templating
  • Layouts
    • Proper Usage
    • Border
    • Form
    • Column & Flex
  • Data & Ajax
    • Configuring Stores
    • Using Readers
    • Usage of Proxies
    • Simple Data Requests & Posts
  • Extending & Overriding
    • Custom Components
    • Altering Base Behavior
    • Adding New Functionality
  • Events
    • Creation
    • Handling
    • Custom Events
  • General
    • Internationalization
    • Build Automation
    • User Extensions
    • Themes
  • Detailed Usage
    • Layouts & Tabs
    • Grids & Trees
    • Forms

Advanced – $700+ per developer – 1+ day(s)

The advanced Ext JS course will concentrate on integrating Ext JS components with the students’ needs. The usage of extending and overriding Ext JS functionality will be covered in detail to allow for the creation of highly customized Components. Advanced layouts and custom server interaction will also be discussed. This class has a more open format, so that the particular requirements of the students’ usage of Ext JS can be addressed. This course requires one full day. Topics of interest should be decided upon in advance.

  • Component Usage
    • Extending
    • Overriding
    • Plugins
    • Interceptors
    • Sequencing
  • General
    • Central Event Management
    • Namespacing
    • Classes

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